Our Staff

Here is a list of the wonderful staff in Holy Spirit Senior Primary School!

Principal: Mrs. Elizabeth Murray

Deputy Principal: Ms. Mary Johnson

Third Class: Ms. Jordan, Ms. Lacey and Ms. Pomphrett

Fourth Class: Ms. Cooney, Ms. McArdle and Ms. McDonnell

Fifth Class: Ms. Fanning, Ms. Murray and Mr. Ruddy

Sixth Class: Ms. Bookey, Ms. Duggan and Ms. Keane

Outreach Class: Ms. Jameson and Mr. Murphy

Special Education Needs: Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Ferguson/Ms. Lawlor, Ms. Daly, Ms. Hyland, Ms. Donnellan, Ms. Kenneally and Ms. Young/Ms. Murphy

Home School Community Liaison: Elma Holden

School Completion Programme  Co-Ordinator: Clare Mercier

Special Needs Assistants: Pamela Kelly, Sondra Meehan, Margaret Cronin, Nicola Cloak, Phil Torsney, Maria Cummins, Joan Brennan, Vivienne Byrne, Denise Fitzsimons, Karen Boyle,  Linda Johnson and Bernice Murray

School Secretary: Ann Larkin