Goodbye Mrs. Murray

The staff and students of Holy Spirit Senior Primary School bade farewell to our much loved principal Mrs. Murray on October 25th. We marked Mrs. Murray’s retirement with a very special mass with students, visitors from the local community and staff – both past and present. Throughout this celebration of Mrs. Murray’s career, we were reminded of what made her such a wonderful principal – her vision, her innovation, her love of learning, her creativity, her passion for teaching and her love for the children in Holy Spirit Senior Primary School. 

We wish Mrs. Murray a happy, healthy and fulfilling retirement and we look forward to welcoming her back to Holy Spirit S.P.S. for special celebrations.

Growing Seeds
It’s time Mrs. Murray for us to part
But we must thank you from the heart,
For all you’ve done that has no end,
As teacher, principal and friend.

We know it’s more than a job to you.
Your love for our school shines right through.
You encourage us to do our best
With respect for all without a rest.

Dia daoibh, conas atá tú,
Tá mé ar fheabhas, cad faoi thú?
Ár nAthair, Sé do Bheatha,
Agus Glóir don Athair.

With all of your hard work last year,
On ‘Write a Book’, it’s very clear
You taught the students how to treasure
books for knowledge and books for pleasure.

So don’t waste time thinking that you
Didn’t do enough or have more to do.
Time to watch the seeds you planted grow,
In so many ways, we hope you know.

It’s time to ring the last yard bell,
We pray God keeps you safe and well.
For us you left no stone unturned,
Now enjoy the rest that you have earned!

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