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Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you already know all schools will be closed for the next few weeks. It is a great credit to our school community how well everyone adapted to these extreme measures.  It is a difficult few weeks ahead but as a school we will try to provide your children with new learning opportunities. Our aim as a school will be to assist you with learning opportunities for the next few weeks but not to put you under pressure.     

We have asked all our children to keep a daily diary of this unique time period in history.  The diaries will provide our children with a record of how they adapted to the restrictions placed on them and they can look back on these records in future years. We will put up ideas for activities to keep children busy. One positive in this situation is many of us parents should have more time to spend with our children. I do realise that many parents due to work or family  commitments will have less time so  we will endeavour to provide activities children can do independently . How we adapt to our new restricted lives is something we could ask our children to write about in their diaries especially in fifth and sixth class. I know a lot of people on Facebook are suggesting children decorate their windows for St Patrick’s Day. This could be the first entry for many in third or fourth class.  We will provide weekly menus of activities that children or families can do e.g. play a family board game. I would also encourage the children to read as many books as possible and include a few sentences in their diaries on what they read.

We will put up a suggested timetable for children to keep up a balanced and structured routine. However this is only a suggestion we do understand it won’t suit every family .The timetable will include creative activities, academic activities, activities online, exercise, chores and free time. We will put up links to websites that provide ideas to all aspects of this list of activities. This is a great opportunity to use websites to improve skills such as tables, typing, or spelling.

We have asked all our children to complete a project over the next few weeks. We spoke to the children about keeping this independent work and choosing a topic you can write about without an adult helping. We also spoke about not using anything not available in your house so just write / type a few sentences everyday on your chosen topic.  Children should keep it simple and write their sentences neatly. 

It is important as parents we try to shelter our children from the dangers facing everyone but also to keep them informed at an appropriate level so they have some understanding what is being asked of them. For this reason we will put up some social stories to provide child friendly versions of what is happening. Children could use the time to design posters to encourage washing hands. I would also encourage parents to sit down and answer our children’s questions which should help to ease their anxieties. Feel free to email me hello@holyspiritsps.ie with suggestions of anything you think we could do to make the next few weeks easier for you as a parent. Thanks for your continued support. I look forward to talking to you soon in more normal circumstances.


Paddy Dillon