Operation Transformation 2018

Operation Transformation

We have been inspired by the popular T.V. programme to improve healthy eating habits and to increase activity levels in our school. We are doing some extra physical activity on top of PE class. Activities include aerobics, walking and jogging. We hope that parents will support this programme at home and help the children to reach the recommended 60 minutes a day of exercise.


3rd and 4th classes do aerobics for 15 minutes after assembly on Thursdays and 5th and 6th classes after assembly on Fridays. Each class gets one opportunity to lead the other classes.

1km Fun Walk/ Jog

Each class does 15 minutes of walking/ jogging each week to build fitness and stamina. To celebrate our increased fitness levels, we will finish our 8 week programme with a 1km fun walk/ run on Friday 16th March. The focus will be on participating and completing the 1km distance. The children can walk or jog or do a mixture of both.

Holy Spirit Healthy Tips

The following 6 healthy tips are repeated in school throughout our initiative.

1. Less treats

2. Replace sugary drinks

3. Make being active fun

4. Less screen- time

5. Reduce portion sizes

6. More sleep

10 @ 10

Classes are doing ten minutes of exercise at 10am or at other times during the day where possible.

Operation Transformation Website

Check out www.rte.ie/ot for food plans, healthy recipes and local events.

The website www.safefood.eu also has healthy recipes and tips on food, diet and health.

We hope that everyone will enjoy becoming more active at school and at home.

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