Sports Day 2019

Our annual Sports Day will take place on Friday, the 31st of May, weather permitting. If Sports Day does not go ahead on that day, it will be held on Thursday, the 6th of June.

The children will need to wear their school tracksuits. Sun cream needs to be applied before the children come to school. Plenty of water will also be needed.

9.30- 10.30am    The school will be divided into two teams- the Red Team and the Blue Team. The Reds and Blues will compete with each other throughout the day. The children will take part in six activities in the morning.

  1. Basketball dribble relay
  2. Beanbag target throw
  3. Hurdle relay
  4. Throw ball at the bottle
  5. Beanbag jumping relay
  6. Throw the javelin

After break, parents are invited to join us at 11.10 for the relays, long distance finals and parent races.

11.15am              Each class will take part in relays against the rest of their class group.

11.45am               We will then have a 400m final for the 3rd classes and then the 4th classes. This will be followed by a 600m final for the 5th classes and then the 6th classes. The children taking part in the 400m and 600m final will only be those that qualified. The heats were run in P.E. class and the children had great fun testing their long distance running!

1.15pm                 After lunch we will have the Parent/ Staff/ Student Race. Parents from The Parents’ Association will represent the parents in this race.

1.30pm                 We will also have a Parents’ Race where parents can showcase their talent!

1.45pm                 Prize giving will take place in the hall at the end of the day and every child will receive a certificate for teamwork.

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