Holy Spirit crestHoly Spirit Senior Primary School opened in September 2015 following amalgamation of the St. Peters Boys and St. Pauls Girls National Schools in Greenhills.

A brief history of St. Peters Boys and St Pauls National Schools

St. Peters's crestSt Peters BNS opened in 1965 and the number of children enrolled grew rapidly. As pupil numbers grew, an extension to the three- storey building was deemed necessary. This new extension opened in 1979 to cater for the new numbers.

There was a long tradition of Gaelic Football, Soccer, Swimming and Athletics over the years in St Peters. The school had a major success in Gaelic football when they won the Geraldine Cup in 1978.

It was of the first schools in Ireland to open two Outreach Classes for pupils on the Autistic Spectrum.
As the school going population declined the original three- storey school building was demolished in 2002. The existing school was refurbished and continued until it was closed in June 2015.

St. Paul's Girls crestSt. Paul’s Girls National School was built in 1978 on an expansive green area with a panoramic view of the Dublin Mountains. Close to Templeogue, Walkinstown and Crumlin, it shared its campus with St. Paul’s Secondary School. The School was established primarily to cater for the Catholic Community with a Catholic ethos. The school enjoyed an excellent reputation in the musical field enjoying a lot of success at Corfheile na Scoileanna . The choir had a high profile and earned an excellent reputation outside the school. The choir members were justifiably proud of its accomplishments. The choir participated in many competitions and events and won numerous trophies and awards at the Feis Ceoil.The choir was invited to perform in many locations, including The National Concert Hall, St Ann’s Church, Dawson Street. The school closed in June 2015.