Holy Spirit Activity Week

This week we are celebrating Holy Spirit Activity Week. It is a combination of sports challenges, well-being activities, baking challenges, art challenges and many more! There is something for everyone.

Poster of well-being activities you and your child can do this week Holy Spirit Well-Being Activities Poster

Poster of art/baking/dance/balance/design challenges you can do with your child Activity Week Challenges.

Holy Spirit “Spell Your Name” warm-up for the Sport Challenges Spell Your Name warm-up

We suggest you use the Spell Your Name poster for a fun and active warm-up before carrying out the sports challenges!

As part of Activity Week, we will be encouraging the children to send an An Post free postcard to a family member or another child in their class they haven’t spoken to in a while. These can be gotten free of charge from your local Post Office. If your child is interested in taking part in writing a postcard, please email your interest to your child’s class teacher and they will send you on the name of another child who would also like to receive a postcard! By registering your interest, you are agreeing to let the teacher send out your address to another child in the class, for the purposes of sending your child a postcard.

We have five different YouTube links for you to use – one for every day of this week. We have set two traditional (and non-traditional!) Sports Day challenges for each day that the children can do. Mr. Ruddy, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Gavin, Ms. Jordan and Mr. Colgan each demonstrate the activities for that day, as well as the Spell Your Name warm-up. The sports activities include; timed egg and spoon race, sack race, high jump, long jump, how many fist passes can you do in a minute, how quickly can you walk with a book on your head, how many 3m laps can you do in a minute, how many burpees, jumping jacks and keepie uppies can you do in a minute. You can choose to do all the activities in one day, or you can spread them out over the week- it’s completely up to you. Record your child’s time/length they jumped and at the end of the week you can send them on to your child’s class teacher!

Monday’s Sports Activities:          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sepD4OBBpsI

Tuesday’s Sports Activities:          https://youtu.be/aqGa73O6uGo

Wednesday’s Sports Activities:  https://youtu.be/nf_yFbOtZfk

Thursday’s Sports Activities:        https://youtu.be/5nqOwHK2fy4

Friday’s Sports Activities:              https://youtu.be/fe8en0pvt4w


Please feel free to send on any videos or pictures of your children partaking in or completing the activities and challenges or send an email, letting the class teacher know how they’re getting on with them!

These activities are not mandatory, please feel free to do as many or as few as suits your family.