I Am An Artist

All Classes

One of the best produced Visual Arts guides for the curriculum. The site may be dated but everything in it is gold!


Carlow Educate Together Visual Arts Plan

All Classes

Carlow Educate Together’s Visual Arts Plan is available to everyone. It’s a Google Site that contains information on all the strands and video examples of what to do in each of them. A special thank you to their principal Simon Lewis for sharing this resource.


Printable comic strips prompts

They are easy printable sheets, all made by a children’s author. They are comic strips and drawings that have just the first or second box started, and the children must finish – integrates with English too.


Cassie Stephens Art Projects

She’s an American art teacher and has uploaded projects especially designed to be ‘home-based’ since the school closures. She has uploaded step by step videos go to with them all.

Step by Step Drawings 1

Step by step PDF drawings the children can follow

Step by Step Drawings 2

Step by step drawings again but as YouTube videos