Well-Being Activities

Mindfulness At Home

Have you ever noticed that when you take a big slow breathe, that you feel calmer and more relaxed? When we have feelings of stress, worry, hyper or busy minds our breathing changes, we take short quick breathes that make our body feel tense. Breathing techniques are a helpful and easy way to get more oxygen back to our brain and give a sense of calmness and control.   Here are some fun and easy breathing exercises for kids and adults to try out.

Mindfulness at home May 2020


Play Dough Activities

Play is important for everyone, it promotes fun and our imagination. Playdough is a great creative and sensory tool that can be used in so many different ways in helping to explore feelings, release anger and promote calm. Here are some activities you can try out at home.

Play Dough Activities May 2020

Eleanor McWey – Coordinator Greenhills School Completion Programme

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